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    We're proud to introduce our team of highly experienced coaches! Coming from a variety of professional backgrounds, all have graduated from an accredited Coach training program, and are certified in behavioral style analysis and interpretation.

    Pricing for Coaching Services

    You are encouraged to review their profiles and select the right coach for you.

    Alvah Parker Alvah Parker
    Work/Life Coach

    "I believe every person has his/her own unique gifts to give. I aid my clients to identify their gifts and find ways to use these gifts in their work and personal lives. I move my clients to action in a way that is supportive, validating, and practical."

    Clients Include:
    • People changing careers or jobs
    • Managers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Educators

    Lenore Mewton Lenore Mewton
    Career Coach

    "Bring WHO you are to WHAT that you do" -- that phrase embodies my belief that an individual's internal qualities are their external advantage. As a partner, guide, teacher, and change agent, my goal is to help you discover your greatest ally, your authentic self; be it as an employee, leader, entrepreneur, business person/owner or coach.."

    Clients Include:
    • Individuals in career transition
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Developing leaders
    • Small business owners
    • Technical professionals
    • Employees seeking to enhance their careers within organizations

    Dave McKeon Dave McKeon
    Career & Business Coach

    "Coaching is a relationship of equals, where accountability for moving oneself forward lies with the individual being coached, and responsibility for providing the insightful and challenging coaching to support that happening for the client lies with the coach."

    Clients Include:
    • Executives and managers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Professionals
    • Individuals pursuing career advancement
    • High achievers working to reach their goals

    Georgiana Carollus Georgiana Carollus
    Career Coach

    "People are often discouraged from pursuing change or improvements in their lives because they judge themselves incapable or their dreams impossible and unattainable. What surprises people is that if they take small steps toward change, their lives unfold with richness, purpose and direction. I help people identify those initial steps and partner with them to create a framework of action to realize their goals and vision."

    Clients Include:
    • Individuals wish to enhance or change their careers
    • Specialize in those in IT, creative, educational, social service and human resource fields
    • Clients who approach life with a spiritual perspective

    Harry Rodenhi Harry Rodenhi
    Business & Career Coach

    "I specialize in supporting professionals who find themselves facing career uncertainties or transitions in the fast-paced and dynamic world of high tech. I use an energetic coaching style to support you in clarifying your values, identifying key strengths & abilities and then using these insights to create a personalized value proposition. This becomes the basis for moving forward in the transition while promoting a more balanced work-life perspective."

    Clients Include:
    • Individuals or organizations in transition, especially those in high-tech product/service sectors
    • Executives
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Business owners
    • Individuals seeking more fulfillment in their lives/relationships or more growth & success in their jobs/careers

    Marshall Brown Marshall Brown
    Career Coach

    "I help people move forward and feel passionate about what they do. Life is too short to not be happy. It is my job to ask the powerful questions to help you succeed."

    Clients Include:
    • Individuals who want: career satisfaction, passion in their life and work and are willing to develop a plan and take action!
    • Association and not-for-profit professionals
    • Government, military
    • Business owners

    Pricing for Coaching Services

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